Stop Smoking and Stop Premature Aging

As we age our bodies cells start to weaken which causes signs and symptoms of old age such as wrinkles, drooping skin, age spots, discoloration, etc. It is these signs that cause a modification in our appearance. There have been developments in the average life expectancy, there is still a fascination with looking young and stunning.

This includes having firm, toned, and even skin. Lots of new anti-aging techniques include altering ones way of life, preventing bad habits or including necessary nutrients to ones diet plan.

The very best anti-aging method is to stop smoking and avoid locations saturated in cigarette smoke. Smoking cigarettes is one of the most detrimental bad habits somebody can have. The health dangers have actually been studied for several years proving that cigarettes can trigger lung cancer, heart disease, emphysema, COPD, hypertension, cataracts and fertility issues. Above and beyond the diseases that smoking can trigger, it can physically age the body triggering you to look older and unhealthy.

Cigarettes consist of chemicals and harmful compounds that damage cells and diminish ones look. As toxic as the chemical compounds are inside a cigarette, the smoke can do just as much damage. The best thing that you can do is to stop, as soon as you can.

The results of cigarettes appear rapidly on the skin, hair and nails. The aging process accelerates more quickly the more you smoke. Smoking restricts blood vessels, reducing the shipment of oxygen and nutrients to the skin.

Cigarette smoke changes skin cells, which damages collagen and elastin. These keep skin soft and firm. When reduced due to smoking the skin looses its pliability and elasticity increasing the possibility of wrinkles and sagging skin.

Extended use of cigarettes can reduce the production of collagen in the skin triggering skin to lose its firmness. Lowered nutrients and oxygen can cause the skin to become rough and have a leatherlike appearance. In addition cigarettes stain your teeth and gums and trigger reddening in the eyes. Cigarette smoking can have a severe impact on all elements of ones appearance.

Therefore to stop the early aging procedure, you must stop smoking right away. When you stop smoking the body will eliminate all the chemicals and toxins that smoking has left behind. Normal skin regrowth takes 2-3 weeks. So although you won’t see an instant change in your appearance, when you stop smoking with time your body will bring back any damages that smoking had affected.

Skin, hair and nails will regenerate replacing the old damaged cells with new ones. Renewed nutrients and blood circulation to skin will assist to bring back younger, firmer looking skin. Plus cellular modifications will be occurring throughout your body to make you live a better and healthier life.